Vision & Role of the Foundation

James Ssekandi, is able to smile because pain is well managed

Hospice Africa was built on the vision of compassion- to holistcally care and comfort those who were victims of slow, painful deaths due to cancer and HIV/AIDS. Proper care meant patients had access to affordable morphine so they could manage their pain. Only after the pain was managed could the psychosocial, cultural, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient and family be met as the patient approached death.  The vision for Hospice Africa also included supporting partner organizations in order to collaboratively tackle the issue together. But the vision went beyond just supporting existing organizations, it envisioned fostering the palliative care movement beyond Uganda by developing training models and expanding this much needed care to other countries.

Over the last 23 years, despite the never-ending obstacles, Dr. Anne has continued to provide leadership and ensure Hospice Africa stay true to its founding vision and ethos.   The Foundation has been formed to safeguard this work and see that it continues to go forward.

In order to achieve and support the vision, the role of the Foundation will:  

  • Provide support to those building services in Africa for patients and families and  studying in the training facilities supported by the Foundation.
  • Safeguard the documentary, intellectual and other legal rights of the Hospice Africa movement
  • Ensure a legacy is documented and preserved for the future of the Hospice Africa movement.
  • Raise funding for the care of patients and families and education of those delivering palliative care throughout Africa.